Incorrect use of the Morphogenesis protocol

Morphogenesis would like to note: The following guidance case is exceptionally interesting; however our querist reveals many personal details in the description of her query. We have therefore decided to present merely extracts from her question since our aim is to spread knowledge rather than disclose personal information.

The query involves a difficult family situation experienced by the querist. This situation became emotionally charged on account of family bonds, as an extremely emotional dispute broke out between her family and the members of another family.

More specifically, the dispute was comprised by a member belonging to the querist’s family (to whom we shall refer to as “the member of the querist’s family” from now on) and a certain member of the other family (to whom we shall refer to as “the member of the other family”). The goal set by the protocol user was to intervene on the mood and will of the members belonging to the other family, who also participated in the encounter.  Here are a number of extracts from the original e-mail:



…I would rather not go into extensive details and just tell you that my main goal was to make amends with XXXX’s family as well as with XXXX his/herself (a member of the other family). I just envisaged a day filled with happiness, love, acceptance and respect…

…I personally saw this as a kind of “learning experience” that could also give me the motivation for self-development. No matter what we did however, not only were our attempts not appreciated but these people became worse, especially XXXX.

I superseded myself in this learning experience since I can only feel good with myself when I love others. Otherwise my whole energy and mood are ruined and just feel my soul destroyed. I don’t want to tire you with extra details which in any case, I find hard and embarrassing to convey…

…As things only got worse I decided to start using the protocol with the goal I described in the beginning…My positive statement was that I had had enough of the pain and sadness…

My goal was manifested as far as it concerned the surface problems, which they were resolved; i.e. everything was perfect, well organised, everyone looked nice etc. (the querist is referring to an occasion attended by everyone). However, this family treated us as if we were enemies, including XXXX (a member of the other family) who didn’t even bother to greet us.

…I have no idea how I got through that night. Just as I don’t know if the fact that XXXXX (a member of the querist’s family) accepted this offensive, unjustified, unfitting behaviour of the other family with no reaction at all, is normal. When XXXXXX (another member of the querist’s family) mentioned this point about his/her reaction to him/her, s/he became angry and hasn’t contacted anyone since Monday…

…I feel awful for writing all this to you. I am not a spiritual person but I still hate the fact that I have stooped so low. Because I’m really aggravated by the ingratitude, the total lack of manners, respect and acceptance. I have no empathy left, nor patience. I’ve lost everything, I was completely overcome by my personality and ego and I now I’m really worried about XXXXXX (the member of the querist’s family) and his/her self-esteem.

Even I were to write ten pages on all this you would still not understand if you haven’t actually experienced it…

…I may have made some mistakes on the use of the protocol. But now I’m fed up with everything and I just ask myself why must I struggle for something that should already be established as the norm: mutual love and respect (even in a small degree). Why do I have to continuously deal with peoples’ difficult and cynical behaviour? Why can’t it be an easy ride for me?

I’m fed up and haven’t achieved a thing. All these years working on esotericism, self-awareness etc. I failed everything and don’t feel like a spiritual person at all.

I’m really sorry for not being brief. This requires a degree of tranquillity also.


Good-night from me




Dear XXXX, our sister/brother.

We were truly moved by your experience. You have our complete sympathy. When you manage to find your tranquillity and see all this from a distance, you will comprehend and undoubtedly benefit from the following comments:

1. It is evident that even though your need for love is honest, it nevertheless derives mainly from your strong fear of rejection and confrontation. This is the reason you become so dishevelled whenever “evil” is present, expressed theoretically or obscurely in the form of the people closest to you.  However, a trainee must not only acknowledge the existence of evil but s/he must also be able to practically confront it and not faint by its dark stench.
2. What is also evident, is that on account of you being generally insecure you have become a very controlling person who thinks that “harmony” can only be achieved when things around you are “ordered” according to your own criteria. This has seriously influenced XXXXXX’s (the member of the querist’s family) personality and general behaviour who in his/her attempt to ‘wean’ his/herself from the overpowering control of the family, Thus, s/he has “given his/herself” to XXXXXX (the member of the other family) as well as to the rest of the other family. Nonetheless, it’s his/her life just as s/he is responsible for the choices that s/he makes; with whatever these choices entail, until s/he manages to find his/her/self and evolve by their own accord.
3. It was wrong to set the imposing of a specific emotional atmosphere on the occasion as your goal, especially when the other side had such sentiments of hostility and negativity towards you. They sub-consciously realised what you were doing and reacted accordingly. You should be glad that they did so.  If you remember, the lessons categorically warn against using the protocol for the purposes of intervening on other people’s will, therefore you could have been facing more severe problems now… The protocol is austerely ‘locked’ in order that it may not be used to impose things on others.
4. These are the things that you should have done and can still carry out- calmly and from a distance. Implement the protocol regularly, but this time aim for cleansing and protecting XXXXX (member of the querist’s family) from any kind of negative influence but without naming or visualising any particular person. This way, s/he will be able to perform with complete harmony, mental clarity and free will and shall also have the confidence to follow his/her dreams only! (not yours, nor XXXXX’s –the member of the other family-).
At the same time, by also implementing this strategy on the Law of Action, show him/her your unreserved trust and accept his/her behaviour with love and good grace. Continue to do this even if s/he feels the need to remain hostile or distant from you and XXXXXX (another member of the querist’s family) at times. Only when s/he asks for it should you give him/her your opinion, and without any sign of persistence or control, but with pure unconditional love.
This wiser use of the protocol will definitely help you make amends with XXXXX (the member of the querist’s family) as you will witness the ‘other side’ either changing for the best or getting rejected by XXXX him/herself (the member of the querist’s family). We also emphasise that for the time-being, you must not become attached to this possible outcome…
Last but not least, note that normally, if you have the unconditional love and courage necessary then you should also cleanse the other family from any negative influence, by using the protocol. These people have also been driven to the wrong path by their insecurity. You may find the courage to do this, after you’ve made up with XXXXX (the member of the querist’s family).

No matter what you choose, make sure that no one finds out!

Be strong and good luck

Morphogenesis system- Spiritual Guidance.

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