The "Karmic Tango" between Greece and England through the issue of the Parthenon Marbles


(Τhe Greek-English "karmic tango" οccasioned by the Parthenon marbles issue)


We are heading towards the peak of the era, where the karmic dynamics will intensify and manifest as natural disasters and conflicts, unless they are resolved on the level of the collective energy patterns (conscious or unconscious ones).    


The reason behind the present article is a seemingly unconnected coincidence which however can convey much more to anyone that is knowledgable and able to "esoterically" read the signs of the times. The times we live in are intense in energy and as we move on things will only intensify further. After the big energy impact of the 12th of May 2010, about which you were informed beforehand together with the one of May-July 2013, there is a tremendous acceleration of developments. Naturally, this influences directly the karmic affairs both on a personal level and on a national-racial and planetary one.

The Morphogenesis System as a system of Conscious Creation that originates from an ancient Greek esoteric tradition, called  "the Forces of Light", from the beginning we have treated the Law of Attraction as a mere tool of conscious creation. We had highlighted and underlined that whoever perceives the law of attraction only on a superficial level of implementing their personal wishes, has not understood the law in depth and in its real dimensions. Therefore, its use would be opportunistic and when the problems that are due to the national-racial or planetary karma occurred, the personal potential of its use would be limited or none (see also the Morphogenesis System’s key article "Why everything you have been told about the law of attraction is not enough" and pay particular attention to the part regarding the law of attraction and karma).


Therefore, in this era of intense energy, karmic imbalances (or else "karmic debts") of many nations will come to the surface to be resolved. Unfortunately however, because most people are not on a consciousness level where they can perceive how the karma mechanism functions, the signs will not be perceived as karmic "indications-warnings" but as mere meaningless natural disasters or misfortunes. In this way, sadly, these indications will remain in the collective unconscious of the nations, resulting in danger of intensifying further, which means that greater pain will be caused until they create a consciousness awakening and eventually lead into a conscious resolution of karma.        


We will give you a very characteristic example of karma, a national one, that seems to be unfolding these days (the article was written on 17/2/2014). We will refer to the floods in England.

England as a country for the last centuries has operated as a "male, dominant and imperialistic power-consciousness”. And it even did so in an extremist manner in many occasions. Through this model of operation, its consciousness was turned towards accumulating in resources whatever it wished from all corners of the planet that were under the rule of the British Empire. It may be that in later political developments it was forced to retreat, as a military presence from various areas (natural development as any action brings a reaction either in the short or long run), but the question as far as its collective karmic unconscious tendency is the following: has England really abandoned this “lust” to "accumulate" and not give back to others what is rightfully theirs if it does not wish to? Let us take this a step further. What does its tendency to accumulate in any way (even by using violent, militant and aggressive means) show? That on an energy level, its collective national consciousness, is identified with lack and scarcity. Deep inside England is afraid of poverty and lack. It tried to cope with this "unconscious collective fear" by becoming a colonialist power, reaching eventually the other extreme of greed.

In this energy-intense era, this karma of England has been awoken and it manifests its signs of awakening in the form of floods and physical disasters. With the floods, the karmic law comes to counterbalance its karmic tendency for accumulation. It comes to make “visible” in the outer reality that its problem lies in its deep unconscious belief in lack. Inevitably lack is what it will actually experience. The law of nature comes to "forcefully" (natural disasters) take away from England, what it has grasped and refuses to return. The karmic problem of England relates to its stinginess. It refuses to give. Unfortunately it will be forced to do so the hard way. It will see fortunes disappear and the English collective consciousness will feel greater insecurity and need to accumulate resources in order to cope. This will continue even more intensely with other forms of loss until a "critical" mass in the English collective consciousness is awaken and perceives what is happening karmically and consciously chooses a different type of approach.

Sadly, when there is no conscious awareness (referring to the majority), as far it concerns this karmic unfolding that is taking place, the realisation will happen in a slow and painful way. It will have to take place hat is insightfully referred to as the five stages of loss and grief in psychology (the categorisation was made by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in 1969 and the stages are 1. denial and isolation, 2. anger, 3. negotiation, 4. depression and 5. acceptance).


When there is no conscious realisation of the karmic phenomena, then the unconscious path of the five stages, mentioned above, becomes the only way, but it is a long and mainly a painful one.


Let’s examine now how this same national karma can be connected to that of another country but serving a different karmic scope for the other country. We are referring to Greece and the campaign that has been declared for the return of the Parthenon marbles which the English Sir Elgin removed about two hundred years ago (this is another historical example of this karmic tendency of England towards accumulation). You can find more about the campaign at the following link "".


Let us now examine the karmic stance of Greece as a collective consciousness. Greece after its enslavement by the Turkish during the 15th century has developed a karmic stance of "slavery". The Greeks as a collective unconsciousness have developed the karmic tendency of preferring to be under some boss's rule and of them trying to "slip away" and survive but without caring for the collective autonomy and welfare. Even when it was liberated from the Turks, Greece immediately looked for (on a collective unconscious level) the security of the protection "umbrella" of some of the great powers of the time. Therefore it was always, either “obviously” or “behind the scenes”, under the influence of a foreign great power. Some might say that this was a result of political games that the Greek politicians of that era played and it did not concern the majority of people. You can be absolutely certain that if the consciousness level of the majority of Greeks was different than their karmic tendency for "submission" and "security" at any cost, the politicians that promoted the influence of foreign powers would not have been able to stand and move forward. Additionally, the entire system of corruption and nepotism that was staged in Greece was based exactly on this karmic taint of Greece, the tendency, "karmic habit" for submission, existing in a state of employee (generally speaking as a stance in all forms, not just as a professional orientation).

As soon as the average Greek felt that they were taken care and someone else was in charge of their feed and needs, nothing bothered them and they fared just fine.

Please don’t get us wrong. We do not mean that there were no people who opposed and reacted against both karmic tendencies we described - in England and Greece. There were, but only a few. We are just mentioning that the general tendency that defines the collective consciousness was the one we are describing.

And look where Greece has been led to, by this karmic tendency, to abandon itself in the hands of others. Greece is currently a "hostage" in the hands of its lenders. That is actually Greece returning to its karmic “pattern of slavery" it developed in the last centuries and even in a more intense form, the one of financial disaster-bankruptcy. Therefore, in Greece there is also currently a karmic awakenening that demands balance. In order for Greece to balance its karma, a critical mass of its population will have to realise this karmic "taint" of "submission and state of employee" that characterises it and decide to make a different choice that will be based on the belief that it can stand on its own feet without any need for help. When this happens, its external reality will also change.



The problem is of course that the developments have accelerated greatly and the luxury for deeply thoughtful philosophical analyses simply does not exist. The situation is highly critical. A "critical masses" of civilians have to awaken karmically and realize the situation and then make different conscious choices, because unfortunately idleness will have a great cost. Awaken karma in various forms and degrees of intensity will bring great disasters and losses, however, we still have time even in the final moment to prevent the worst from happening. Awaken national karma will awaken intense planetary karma and the situation will be out of control.

When extended disasters take place in a country, its civilians must turn "esoterically" and wonder what the disaster shows them, what message it brings. Where they have acted in an imbalanced manner as a nation (as either in an exaggerated fashion or one of shortage). And after they have come to the necessary realisations, let those “wise” voices prevail and  constitute a behaviour contrary to the karmic tendency that led to the problems.

We have to admit that there is an inherent difficulty in the awakening and realisation process. We also said that the first stage of reaction of the unconscious collective mass towards the perceived loss is denial and then anger. However, the civilians should be awaken at any cost because what will follow is even worse. We repeat that there is still a small chance of a situation reversal in terms of time.


This article has this ambition, to further assist this awakening of all these sensitive consciousnesses worldwide that are willing to listen to this message. These are the unites of human consciousness that are not deeply buried to their "egoistic" microcosm, a world that may not even exist shortly after.


The Source of this article is not the authors per se but the guided inspiration that comes from the higher levels of Light and functions through them. The authentic Source is the Spiritual Consciousness (or you may it spiritual entities) that are karmically assigned to oversee and look after the evolution of humanity. They can not however achieve much, they are not allowed to intervene and assist further, unless human species is awakened further on its own accord, namely using its free will. The humanity should awaken first to a certain degree, make different choices which will enable Higher Spiritual Consciousness the possibility of further help. The free will of people can not be forced or violated by the Spiritual Forces in any case. The minimum they can do is to direct all this information to the sensitive consciousnesses of the people, hoping that there will be greater awakening and therefore possibility of interfering.

Be careful that we highlight once again that by no means has the game been decided for the salvation of the planet. Any information you supposedly receive from the "future", that earth has made it and is surely heading to the Light and higher dimensions is devious and aims at misleading and putting you at ease, so that the work of the powers that are destroying the planet and degrading humanity becomes easier. The outcome of this game (or battle if you wish) between the Light and darkness is being decided at any given moment, based on the consciousness’ choices we make as humanity at the present time. This is the only truth. The future is not predetermined, it is fluid with endless possibilities and options (good and bad ones). Our responsibility at this moment is to decide what kind of future we would like to finally manifest on earth, because the sad truth is we have already activated quite dangerous future dynamics (in the energetic planes), that if we empower further with energy (with our bad and unconscious egoistic choices) they will inevitably manifest upon our physical reality and we will then have to endure the painful consequences at a physical level.   


Let’s explain now in more details the "karmic tango" between England and Greece which has awakened and is unfolding due to the Parthenon marbles campaign.

Using various excuses, England is trying to postpone the return of the Parthenon marbles it has seized from Greece. Through its karmic tendency towards "wealth and power accumulation", it is attempting to keep hold of its "acquisitions" and not "dismiss" them. As we have said this tendency-habit is fuelled unconsciously by its deep ingrained energetic pattern of insecurity and faith in lack although in the outer tries to projects the image of the powerful state. The more a state feels energetically insecure on the “inside” the harder it tries to compensate on the outer reality, resulting inevitably into a state of greed. Since the dynamic of the whole mechanism is still unseen and unconscious by the majority the only way to make its presence seen is the outer reality and especially through natural disasters.

The balancing of its "energy stinginess" on a natural level is manifested through floods that are forcing England (as a collective consciousness) to "give away" despite its will. Unfortunately this obligatory "giving away" is taking place through human suffering and pain. Would it not be better off if the realisation of this karmic imbalance took place much earlier at the consciousness level, so that the human suffering had been avoided? What are some marbles worth, even if they are the great Parthenon marbles, compared to human pain and misery? Human life is above all and this is the main message of this era. The energy that is bombarding (in a good sense) the planet is causing a balancing of earthly karma.

Unfortunately it can’t  be done in a different smoother way. The difference in vibration between the new energy and the old one (egoistic type) is significant. The only way out for a smooth transition, would be this vibration gap to narrow a great deal. This can only be done by raising the old energy vibration and not the other way around (in order consciousness evolution to take place). The sooner we let go of the old energetic patterns of egoistic energy (low vibration), the smoother and quicker the transition will be.     


On the other hand, when it comes to Greece, the real issue (from a karmic point of view) is not the Parthenon marbles. We have already stated that a work of art, no matter its sentimental and symbolic value, remains a soulless object that comes second compared to people's lives. For the Greeks, the return of the marbles would mean a great victory, not against the English (it would be disastrous if it was perceived as such) but a victory against their own karmic self. This slavish self that had to be under somebody else's hegemony and rule while not perceiving itself as (as a collective consciousness) an equal sovereign like the Creator has defined it, the Supreme Divine Power, and like it has defined all humans to be free and equal.


We are aware that it is difficult for the average "unconscientious" English citizen to accept that there is a part within them that represents the "violent, colonialist conqueror". Nobody wants to consciously accept something like that, we all want to present an image of the proper civilised person ,resulting in these parts to be pushed further into the collective unconscious, creating the collective shadow which has started to arise uncontrollably.

The same is true for the average "unconscientious" Greek civilian. He or she will have to recognise within them the "scared, silly and devious little employee" who is ready to allow or even support any corrupt situation, as long as it secures his personal financial accommodation or that of his personal interests regardless of this situation being on the expense of the collective good. The average Greek has not accepted this part of them with full awareness yet. Everyone sees it only in others (that is the psychological defensive mechanism of projection is active) and never within them. This extends the collective Greek shadow and makes the balancing of the Greek karma more difficult.


Unfortunately, a big part of the Greek population is still on the first and second stages we mentioned on the path to realisation. That is they either deny having any personal responsibility in the making of the ugly current situation (1st stage-denial) or they project their anger towards authority while reserving for themselves the role of the "unsuspected victim" (2nd stage-anger). No one is contradicting the huge and principal responsibilities of the political authorities in the whole situation but if we want to move forward "karmically" as Greeks we can not continue to "accommodate" the victim role. Political authorities of such low quality could never exist if the energy consciousness of the mass of the civilians was quite different. This could not happen because the collective thought-form would simply create another reality.

This is the exact specific point where all civilians should become conscientious. That when the collective thought-form changes consciously it will lead to other kinds of actions and leaderships. Otherwise, as long as the "collective" shadow functions in the unconscious, things can not be positive.

When the shadow begins to manifest (especially the collective one), it can take uncontrollable dimensions and its manifestation is dramatic. The irony here is that its manifestation-correction is in reality easy to achieve when there is a sincere intention for "salvation" of the shadow. Initially, its sincere realisation is enough to bring change. When someone realises an imbalance (but they realise it sincerely and deeply), this realisation automatically puts them on a different path. It is exactly what is known in religion terms as "regret and salvation" but most of the time it is not very apparent to people because it is a little hidden behind theological concepts and interpretations.

Sadly, while practically the balancing of the shadow is easy, the big obstacle is the egotistic mind that does not allow this simple turnaround. Unfortunately the egotistic mind has to see first "terrible" situations happening in its own home before it trembles and is convinced to abandon its obsession with the illusion of control it wants to believe it has and its false ideas that have created the problem. Many times, however, this realization comes very late and at that stage the situation is irreversible.


A "conscious" move from England’s side of returning the marbles would solve the karmic riddle. Pay attention that it is very important if a move of return is made, it has to be a conscious deed as we have said. If it is only made as a move of "political manoeuvring" without the karmic weight of this case being realised, the benefits for England will not be satisfying, because for karma to be dissolved and balanced, we repeat that it has to be processed consciously and esoterically, with knowledge and not only on an external level of a simple deed.

The same is true about Greece too. If this whole campaign is not realised through its karmic prism, as a chance for the Greeks to stand up to their old “shadow” slavish self, no return act will benefit much the karmic balancing of Greece.

If a possible return of the marbles has the quality of a deed carried out as a "favour" coming from a great power, the benefit will not be significant. The active participation of the Greeks in this campaign, as a chance for correcting their slavish karmic tendency, is even more important than the return of the marbles itself. If this energy balance is not achieved first and foremost in the Greek collective unconsciousness, the return of the marbles eventually bears little significance. Essentially the Greeks through their claim of returning the marbles, they claim on a collective esoteric-karmic level, the "return" of their authentic sovereign self that believes it can and has the right to claim and raise its voice in a reliable manner while at the same time defines its healthy boundaries that have to be accepted and respected by the rest of the people on the planet (the same applies to all people and nations of the world). Only when at the same time, the outer action is accompanied with acute “karmic awareness”, the benefits of a possible return of the marbles can be significant for Greece at all levels. Only then there will be a karmic harmonisation and very soon the external reality of Greece will "mirror" and reflect back this change in consciousness with a new reality of higher quality and maybe then the marbles will return effortlessly…


Morphogenesis System 


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