An exciting journey to Morphogenesis

Read in this text how the “Seeker” met the Master “Greek” and how essentially the idea of Morphogenesis was born and manifested into a practical system 


An exciting journey into the fabulous world of conscious creation with Morphogenesis

 I believe all started from a simple but also burning question I always had in my mind…which was:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was such as way to make each one of us live out what they wished for, and make our life a series of victories, where the conquering of one “mountain” followed the next?

It would indeed be amazing if someone could give us the formula, which would transform us from life’s miserable side-actors to shining protagonists.  There has indeed, already been a load of commotion by many people who argue that this possibility exists, as long as you are aware of the Art of Conscious Creation: the method of the manifestation of desires.

Let’s take things from the beginning then and let’s commence our journey in the mysterious world of conscious creation, since for most people who have set about this matter, the unanswered questions outnumber the confident answers. There have been many books written about conscious creation, creative visualisation, cosmic ordering, manifestation of intentions, dream realisation etc, and the ways through which it is accomplished. Many masters have also spoken about it and many film-documentaries have been created on this subject, these past few years.

In fact, one of the top movies (with regards to the global stir it caused) of this kind, is “the Secret”, whose material is offered in both book form and in the form of an audio program, as well as a film.

Through its presence in the field of conscious creation, “the Secret” has managed to raise a heated question to those who have worked on it, regardless of the intensity or the extension of their activity. This very question is:

Is “the Secret”  really the true and supreme secret, and if it is, why haven’t we managed to utilize it to its full extent, as it should have been done?

Or is it that “the Secret” contains in itself, some other ultimate secret which does not permit its easy application, and therefore only the knowledge on another kind of knowledge, a deeper kind, is able to permit its straightforward application?

“The Secret” has already reached 4 years of existence, a period of time therefore, which is sufficient enough for substantial conclusions to be made with regards to whether it really works or not; and if it does work, to which extent does it do so?

Judging by people’s reactions we can reach the following conclusions:

Until now, we have 3 categories of people with regards to The Secret:

A)  those who have tried it and claim that mostly it works (a very small minority)

B)  those who really wish to believe in “the Secret”, but for some reason cannot  incorporate it effectively in their daily life, and merely claim that they will implement it more efficiently in the future -  usually deceiving themselves (most of the majority)

C)  and those who are fanatically opposed to it, arguing that it is nothing but a trick and that it is just a clever way which its creators invented, in order to become richer by selling hopes to the majority of people who are searching for a quick and easy way to improve their life.

Where is the truth to be found? All sides seem to be right in some way, but the problem lies in that they are not paying attention to certain significant parameters of the truth, which would help make the story of the Law of Attraction and Manifestation more comprehensive, with respect to the way it works, beyond wishful thinking and imaginary fears.

Let’s see what each side claims, in order that we may shed light on the points where it is right and keep these, as well as the points where they have errors or omissions, which we will in turn correct...

First of all, we have the creators of “the Secret” and all those who claim that there is a master universal Law of Attraction which determines that whatever you send out to it in the form of thoughts and feelings, it will return it to you as manifestations that take place in the natural realm.

The truth is that this Law of Attraction actually exists and it can work, as the creators of The Secret claim; the problem though, is that, if it’s so easy to think about what you want and charge this desire with the appropriate feeling, then why can’t the majority of people do it in practice? This question shall be answered further down.

 Then we have the greater majority of those who saw “the Secret” as a hopeful way to accomplish what they desire, without efforts and toils, and live out at last the life that they are dreaming of. Yet the only thing that they discover in practice, is that their everyday routine completely draws them in and that “the Secret” has become yet another good plan which will be implemented sometime in the future; a bit like the diets that we promise ourselves that we will start tomorrow. In the same way, The Secret has also become the perfect plan which will most often be implemented tomorrow, but never now or today. This stand results to most people being driven to a greater discouragement and very often to feelings of guilt as well as an internal dialogue of harsh self-judgment. Even so, “the Secret” had initially seemed like such a perfect hope but has now ended up being, yet another much hated “must”, which the more you don’t apply it, the more it disappoints you. This results to most people being forced to “repress” it, and completely forget about it, in order for their internal peace to be restored...

Don’t get me wrong, there are many people who also belong in this same category and started off very eagerly, but as time went past without seeing their desires becoming true, their disappointment grew and thus reached to the hasty conclusion that “the Secret” does not work.

In due course, I will discuss about where these people made a mistake and which knowledge they’re lacking in order to make “the Secret” work effectively for them.

Let’s move on to the third category, of the people who reject “the Secret” right from the start, as being a sham which some people made up to fob the rest with it, through a cleverly set-up marketing plan and have managed to deceive trustworthy and naive people, thus resulting to its creators growing rich. So, “the Secret” is finally proved to be “the Secret” only for its creators!

In this category we usually find those who are self-proclaimed as “spiritual people” and do not fall easily in materialistic traps. More often than not, these people, either consciously or unconsciously, maintain the belief that materialism and spirituality cannot co-exist and in effect one cancels the other. Therefore, you can be either spiritual and only be concerned with your spiritual elevation; Hence material possessions and accomplishments do not fit in with this path and most probably focusing on these things may sabotage this pathway. You become a materialist, drawn by the countless desires of your personality and thus, your interest in spiritual development is restricted.

Here we must view the subject spherically and focus on the different aspects of the matter, which unfortunately confuses many well-intentioned people.

I would like to stress that each view indeed owns certain elements, which we must keep and which are useful for the utilization of the new-found knowledge, but we will first have to shed light upon certain misconceptions.

For example, consider the view of “spiritual people”, that materialism is negative. Indeed, even from the side of the Law of Attraction, blind materialism is seen as negative, since in practice it acts repellently rather than attractively (this will we analyzed in more detail further on)! The matter mentioned above though, does not mean that the complete aversion from material possessions is positive – most of the time actually, it is equally as negative as blind materialism. The desired state for the most effective results in the framework of the Law of Attraction must be the stand that the ensuring of basic material needs combined with conditions of abundance, creates the best conditions for spiritual attainment; (besides many great spiritual masters practically showed the way to this notion, such as Socrates, Confucius, the Buddha who existed as a prince as well as Jesus, who never refused hospitality, treats or perfumery as some of his disciples accused him, but at the same time he was also interested in others’ living conditions, by even carrying out miracles, in order that he may feed them, as we can see in the case of the loaves and fish). Therefore a spiritual person can and must have their basic material needs covered, without being attached to them! 

But even if some spiritual people would choose to avoid the use of the Law of Attraction for the purpose of manifestation of materialistic desires, I must distinguish here, that the law of attraction works in the same effective way in self-improvement, in psychological healing, in energy healing, in spiritual awakening as well as on issues of contribution and service to our fellow human beings and to our planet itself. Therefore, you can still use this law even if you are not concerned with material possessions, if you wish to help others or improve yourself or even if you want to develop spiritual gifts and qualities. You can use the knowledge of conscious creation in order to get in touch with your higher self and detect in a clearer sense what is the real purpose of your life and your higher path in it. In the same way, you can also communicate with your guardian angel and make use of the knowledge which will be given to you, in order to acquire protection in the physical realm as much as in the spiritual realms.  You can see then, that there is no limitation in the plethora of implementations of conscious creation and thus, the knowledge concerning the manifestation of desires is wrongly connected only with the obtaining of material possessions.

 Furthermore, one thing which makes spiritual people more hesitant of consciously working with the law of attraction for the purpose of their dreams realization is the belief that you shouldn’t intervene through techniques and "special knowledge" in order to create an advantage for yourself over others. This is because it will burden you with respect to your karma, since through this you benefit your own self against others, by using "particular weapons and knowledge" that other people do not possess.

At this point I must clarify that you certainly “cannot force the higher planes”- as an ancient saying stresses- and you cannot enforce your own will just because you want to, especially when your incentive is to take advantage of other beings. This stand is particularly repellent and destructive with respect to the power of attraction. 

Using the law of attraction for the purpose of conscious creation and the manifestation of intentions, must start from the belief, that each and every attraction must be accompanied by a positive and pure intention. Another important aspect is the awareness of our littleness, as well as the wish to fully develop anything that we may gain to its full extent, and work for the general well-being of all beings from a state of fulfilment and security.

 Besides, the law of karma does not function only as a punishment, but also works in the opposite sense: as a form of reward which triggers the creation of conditions for opportunities for a greater and better spiritual development. Plus, since we have the opportunity to obtain and implement certain knowledge, we must do it strictly because our positive karma determined so - see parable of Jesus and the talents. Also, the abundance of the universe is enough for everyone; therefore you do not harm anyone else by having any kind of material or spiritual fulfillment.

These are thus, the main dispositions regarding The Secret, and the benefits and problems that its implementation shows.I am certain that whoever has worked with The Secret has been puzzled by at least one of the above... so, yet another “formula” that promised quick and easy success, has ended up being a source of conflicts and confusions.


Dear friend, my aim through this site, is to clarify many of the misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding the law of attraction but to also give a very specific and reliable system of knowledge which originates from an age-old ancient, secret tradition. I must insist though, that it is essential to clarify certain misconceptions or blind spots which attempts such as “the Secret” have left.

Now, in order to guide you to the particular aim of this site, which as we said is to give the kind of knowledge that will make the law of attraction work effectively and easily, I must first give a little bit of theory...

Do you like theory? I personally do not, because like most people, I am hasty and interested only in tangible results. On the other hand, there are times when theory is essential in order to apply more effectively the knowledge which I am about to give you.

We will start our theory with a reference to the karmic world which we all inhabit, meaning this material earthly world, which our common karma makes us perceive it as real! Maybe some of you find it easier if you merely call it “the matrix” or the “virtual reality”, or the “dreamy world of matter” or anything else that makes it easier for your understanding.

The reality that we experience as human beings seems to have certain principles, certain rules and laws set by itself, which we cannot reject or violate in any easy way - at least none of us who haven’t yet been saints or enlightened! On the contrary, we must shed light upon these principles, in order to see where they are obstructing us and where they are helping us with relation to the law of attraction, which as we have already mentioned is the final subject in our exploration.

Fact number one: all beings that dwell in our karmic world share the same vision- perception-convention with respect to this world. I realise that what I just mentioned may sound a bit mystical, but this isn’t so and will explain why right away. When we played various games as kids, we often agreed that, although various objects had their own conventional association, in our game they would have had a different meaning.

Thus, for example a stick could have been a horse, a piece of wood could have depicted a weapon and many other variations of this kind. The key-point of the game was that we all agreed to its alterations and in its course we also determined its rules; this is how it gained meaning and gave us satisfaction.  In the same way, in the reality that we live, meaning the earthly karmic world that we exist in, us, the beings that inhabit it –and above all, I’m referring to us humans as the masters over the beings of the animal kingdom- we have constructed a silent agreement about how this game that we call physical reality is played. It is not so much important whether we have a conscious understanding of this agreement that we have made, or if we have been unconsciously misled and have given our consent. The point is that either consciously or unconsciously (and here falls the overwhelming majority of humanity) we have agreed to play the game with these rules.

Of course, in fact, the universal energy is infinite and can create numerous cosmoses, phenomena and goods, so it exists therefore in plenitude. Unfortunately though, this abundance is not available if we don’t believe that it exists!!! It is normal to not be able to see something that we don’t believe it exists and to not be capable of co-ordinating ourselves with it, in order to obtain the according gains.


I mentioned previously that in the karmic world that we exist -also known as “the matrix”- we have made certain rules-agreements and that we function with consistency to these rules. The main rule of the matrix-game in which we exist, regards POWER, and the essence of the power lies on one particular acknowledgment that we have made: that of the notion of being in “lack of”. Only after we have accepted this lack as our present truth exists meaning in the competitive desire for power. Only once we have accepted that there is a lack of natural resources, a lack of wealth, a lack of care, a lack of love, a lack of healthy relationships and any other form of lack, is there meaning in the hunt for having a beneficial access to the basis of these resources, of whose lack has been accepted, as we have already mentioned.

Thus, through power (despite of whether it is physical, economic, political, religious, or emotional), you can dominate others and ensure that you will offer yourself whatever you desire and remain protected against those who want to take away what you possess.

Thus, each person has adapted their strategy in the aim of having the best possible results depending on their understanding and abilities, since we have all accepted the value of power as the means of obtaining the goods which there is a lack of, and which is also a central object of conflict, with the purpose of possessing it.

Thus, some people implement the raw power wherever they can; others seek more indirect ways by using emotional manipulation, while others call upon the punishments set by invisible forces if there is no conformity. And then there are others who have denounced worldly things and have embraced spirituality as a strategy, to get rid of the pressure set by the power which others applied on them while they were part of the worldly things... Each one of us, through one way or another, have managed to find the optimal (?) strategy which will ensure us the greatest pleasure in combination with the littlest possible amount of pain; henceforth, we have all found our own position in the ranking of the game of power.

The problem with this specific matrix-game though, is that, because of  the way it is constructed, no one can win essentially, since even those who are supposed to be on the top of the ladder are permanently worried about whether they’ll retain their power or if someone else will take it away from them.  You might have heard of the motto taken from the world of business, that says that “you can either develop or shrink”, which in a freer translation means that you must continuously develop your power, otherwise, if you don’t, your rival will do it, which results to you shrinking on the level of your power.  You do not have the chance for any other choice; it’s a bit like the board-game, Monopoly, which when you play it you cannot have the kind of choice that “I am now satisfied of having bought two streets and a hotel, it’s enough”, because you have agreed that you will roll the dice and move continuously; therefore you will have to find yourself in your rivals’ streets who will have more hotels and to whom you will have to pay rent  and you will have to increase your power etc. in order to retain these resources. You therefore don’t have any other choice if you want to survive in this competitive game.

Dear friends, now look at the correlations with the wider game that we play in the frame of the earthly matrix-dream (I use the word dream in  order to honour, also, the eastern-originating spiritual masters who use it extensively... where as the term matrix on the other hand, is western-originating). The acceptance of lack in several forms and the desire of the obtaining of power in order to avoid this lack, bring us to another key-word of the game, of which it is an essential ingredient: competitiveness. Because competitiveness is another thing which comes about only when there is a lack, and the “prize” is not enough for everyone, but only for a few people and even worse, often enough , only for one.

Why essentially then, no one is really satisfied by the way which the established game is played? Because, simply enough, as we already mentioned, you do not have the choice to stop playing in the game. If you reject it, you are driven to shrinking and you are pushed out to the borderland of life, deprived of having the elementary, good external conditions for spiritual work. If you participate, even if it allows you to gain some victories, you can never stop playing and this is so exhausting that in the end, it makes any victory which you have accomplished seem worthless, simply because you have to prepare for the next battle. In fact, the hierarchy rank of the matrix is not perpendicular but it is actually... circular, since even those who are supposed to be on the top  of it, they still see “rivals” in front of them whom they must exterminate. This is how the renowned Karma Wheel works in the human matrix!                                                                 

It’s as if some kind of invisible power wants to have us moving constantly, regardless of whether this is the best thing for us or not,  making it seem almost as if this invisible power, personally benefits from this basically meaningless and degenerative, continuous and competitive movement of ours... I sound a bit like a conspiracy theory, don’t I? Perhaps we shall speak about this to a further extent in the future, even though at this point, a subject such as this draws away from the purpose of this site. As you can see, I kept the promise that I devotedly made, about not giving any extra theory...


After my brief yet concise –as I like to believe- presentation of our karmic world, it is time to return to our initial aim, which is the law of attraction and how our new-found understanding of the existing matrix can distinguish the point where we “stumble” on the matter of the law of attraction...

As we have already understood, the existing matrix is based on the acceptance of the notion of lack, as well as on the accomplishment of the manifestation of desires through competitiveness and application of power - the message which is understood is that “the fittest one wins in the end!”

“The Secret” and all of the supporters of the law of attraction generally, claim that there is no such thing as lack, but rather, what exists is a universe of abundance. I agree entirely, but the problem is that we have already been programmed to believe in the lack, in competitiveness and in the obtaining of power as a means to accomplish one’s goals; unfortunately for us, this programming is far too powerful. And it is powerful because it is constantly present in our sub-conscious; whilst the new conviction that “the Secret” is encouraging us to believe in, is found on a “theoretical” level, and only those who have worked intensely with their personal development are aware of how difficult it is for even their simplest habits to be changed -more so when they have to subvert central laws of the matrix- because, simply enough, these habits are rooted deep in their subconscious.

Imagine now how difficult it is to avoid the conviction of lack and insecurity, when the whole environment around us keeps reminding us of these endlessly. You decide to believe in abundance and view the world as an environment of prosperity, but just now, you have received a bill and before you even think that “it doesn’t matter, I live in a universe of abundance” you stomach starts to feel as if it is twisted in a tight knot. Therefore, do you know where the beauty of the sub-conscious lies? It lies on that its functions are automatic and rapid, so by the time you have thought about abundance you have already made a very intense repetition of your inner programming regarding the lack... You switch on the television in order to rest and relax a little bit and you then hear about the state of the economy, so the knot in your stomach twists tighter... You get up and go to work in the morning in a good mood and you happen to hear something about cutbacks, and as you guessed, there is no need for me to tell you, the knot in your stomach makes its honourable comeback again.

I can go on with numerous examples and you, dear friend, I am certain that you can add even more!

“But why can’t I think positively”? I can hear you shouting. “The only thing that the law of attraction requires from me is to think and feel positively and it will offer everything to me on a platter”. Don’t torture yourself for no reason, dear friend, the explanation is simple and can be found within a simple, little word… energy! I am certain that since you have also indulged yourself in the world of the law of attraction, you will have already heard the saying “everything around us is energy”.

Thus, the notion that Man is primarily a being of energy and that all of our functions depend on energy, stands with the same principle.

Which is the regulator of energy that each person manages then?

It is the subconscious, which has been assigned with a function of a very simple and determinative meaning - that of survival.

Thus, the subconscious rates, by having as a criterion the optimal conditions of survival, where most of the energy will be “invested” and which activities it considers as being significant for the purpose of survival.

As soon as it automatically regulates the subject of our bodily functions, it then functions in a similar manner for any new program which is recognized as being important only for the survival of the system, i.e. our life.

Thus the hierarchy is as follows: bodily functions are in first priority alongside with the ensuring of the performance of these functions - I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t want the functioning of the heart for example to be automatic, and that instead, you would prefer having to remember consciously that we must make it beat…

In the course of it, aside from the bodily functions, whatever kind of behavior we develop, our subconscious also judges it, as positive and acceptable if it offers pleasure; where as if it contains pain, it is considered as negative and unacceptable.

These kinds of behaviors are like programs and because the subconscious has accepted them as positive for our survival, the most effective way for them to serve the system is by becoming automatic, so that they will, also, not consume a lot of energy, but rather be applied immediately, because many times, survival is a matter of swift reaction rather than a philosophical reflection.

These programs are our familiar habits - it doesn’t matter whether they are our favorite ones or not.

At this point it is important that in order for this to be understood through experience, each person must develop their own self-awareness, in order to detect which programs run in their subconscious. And when I say programs, I mean them in the form of attitudes, beliefs, behaviors etc. Only through an increased self-awareness will you perceive where to turn your attention and by extension where you can focus and channelize the energy that you manage.

And this management of the attention is of highest importance in the procedure of conscious creation.

Each person manages, as a system of energy in each phase of their life, a specific amount of energy. This is not something given and can be fluctuated depending on each person’s way of life. I will refer to this later in more detail. What is most important at this stage is that the sub-conscious, as a wise and excellent manager, carries out the best distribution of energy, depending on the system’s needs.

I am certain that you would have all heard that in the area where there is bleeding after the case of an accident, the organism (i.e. the sub-conscious) sends more blood to the wounded area, which reduces the blood in other organs even if it is so temporarily, because the need for survival demands it so. And as you realize, blood is another form of energy of course.

Henceforth, using the same analogy when we wish to embody a new behavior to the system, regardless of how favorable it seems to be on a mental level, it will not be accepted (directly at least), until the subconscious checks it (and this is after the affirmation on the action) that it contributes to survival.

I will explain exactly what I mean through an example. Let’s assume that a person daily manages on average 100 units of energy and uses the 50 for their work. On their way back from work they happen to fall upon traffic and get annoyed, so they used up another 15 units. Then they thought  of the heavy schedule that they must face the next day and that they must definitely complete that project that they have been working on and are unsure whether they’ll meet the deadline set by the manager; this worry uses up another 10 units. They are also “starving” because they haven’t had any free time since morning to eat anything, so since the system has not had any fuel, it goes into saving mode and uses up another 10 units. They reach home and eat greedily but then feel bloated, resulting to the organism needing extra energy for the heavy digestion, so a charge of another 10 units is made, and now they are left with only 5. After they have eaten and laid on the couch to rest a bit, they remember the nice idea they had heard, that they should visualise how they want a desire in their life to be come true and this will start to become realized through the law of attraction.

The problem is that, for this scenario to be played consciously in their mind, they must focus on this desire. Their subconscious must therefore dominate over the competitive thoughts running through their mind; for example about what will happen with the project they must finish, which as a thought has already been identified and categorised by the subconscious as, project=work=money=survival, therefore it is important and they are right to be thinking about it and be using energy for it. Where as the manifestation of a desire still remains on the level of desire=satisfaction=improvement in the quality of life, therefore it hasn’t been recognized by the sub-conscious yet as being important with respect to survival, and so it isn’t automatically granted a free infinite amount of energy.  At this point, the person of our example needs to consciously fight with a certain existing program in order to ensure the energy mentioned above. He will therefore have to extract it from an existing program and “invest” it in the desirable action; which is to focus therefore upon the scenario of their desire. But, as we have already discussed, in order for someone to focus mentally on their desire for a sufficient amount of time and charge it on top of this with the appropriate emotion (i.e. energy), they will need around 20 units, where as this person has only 5 remaining. In order to get out of the internal conflict, its habit-program suggests a tested solution that doesn’t consume a large amount of energy and which is guaranteed to help them relax, and this solution is to switch on the television. They’ll promise themselves of course that they will implement all the things related to the law of attraction tomorrow, when they will be more relaxed, only to discover the next day, that they followed exactly the same route of energy again...


Does the scenario above seem familiar to you even with a few modifications? I guess so, and if there is even one person who hasn’t experienced the above, I bow down in advance to the superiority of their nature... or perhaps he or she should just stop reading this site, as there can be no further improvement in their case! They already have it all...

And since we have clarified that the whole point of conscious creation is purely energy-related...and phew, now that I am finished with the theory, since I am not planning on taking it further... we come to the point of the matter. Therefore, the kind of knowledge that I have come to bring you, dear reader, in order for you to understand the secrets of conscious creation, as well as that you may become a better manager of your energy, because as we said, this little word means everything.

Since each person is an energy-system, i.e. it vibrates with respect to energy, and their desires (whichever they may be) relate to other forms of energy which have their own vibration, and the only thing that they have to do is to use the law of attraction and bring them to their reality by fitting their own vibrations with their desires, then, this is exactly what we will learn how to do in an effective and scientific way, i.e. a systematic way that can be verified.

We will learn how to bypass the limited principle of lack that overmasters the sub-conscious, also, how to “entice” energy and thus draw from the infinite ocean of abundance, as well as how to cultivate, shape and project this energy in order to have guaranteed results.

But before I give you this very knowledge though dear friend, I would like you to know where it derives from and with which speciality I suggest it as the knowledge with the best technology on the subject of conscious creation. I would also like you to know why based on the era we live in (being on the threshold of the Aquarian era today) it is exactly what each person needs in order to escape from stereotypes and “shackles” that have kept us tied down for centuries.

I call myself an internal seeker and I will explain to you right away what I mean by this. Ever since I was young, I felt a strong attraction to any metaphysical matters without knowing why. Through the naivety and innocence of a young child, I felt a trance whilst looking up in the sky, but to tell you the truth I also had the fear of upsetting God by doing anything wrong and that he would then....punish me.

When I was entering adolescence I discovered another strong attraction, that of the material life. I wanted several and different things, I was fascinated by parties, various forms of entertainment and revels in general, which I found to be completely normal. At the back of my mind though, I kept on thinking that perhaps I was no longer in the path of God, yet I couldn’t apply any practical solution, since I liked both very much. Thus, on the one hand I wanted to live my material life and when I wished to return to my spiritual path, I used the greatest religious invention that ever existed for all believers; and that was my guilt.

So, I would prepare a strong dose of the feeling of guilt which I then dived into, tortured myself emotionally and then I felt that I deserved to be in the spiritual path again; until the next time that I sidetracked once again, in order to enjoy the pleasures of life and then all the way back from the beginning again. I had embraced this strategy so much, that I remember when I had first discovered it, I was positive that through it I would be able to gain my entrance to heaven!

I really mean it, I believed that no matter what carnal sins I had made, at the very moment of my death, just as we see in the movies -when someone is leaving their last breaths they always have enough time to say what they want-, in the same way, I would also have enough time to do the trick with the feeling of guilt, ask for forgiveness and since the nice God is obliged to always forgive, I would be in a VIP seat in heaven.

So, I wanted the bread and the cake! I remember how I loved the parable of the lost sheep because theologians always interpreted it as God’s love that always forgives the lost sheep, i.e. yours truly. Whereas I remember that I always freaked out whenever I heard Jesus’ dictum that you cannot serve two masters at the same time and that you must chose one of the two. Then I realised that the bells ring for me and that I had to be clear: I would either be in the spiritual path or in the path of evil - as I considered my attraction to the material life then. This conflict began to become more and more intense inside me and drove me to extreme situations. A characteristic example was when I was 20 years old (I am 40 today by the way). I had decided in the framework of my spiritual exploration, to follow a Christian sect, of which in chief was someone who claimed that he was… an apostle of Christ, and that he possessed the truth first-hand! And in order to be efficient in my spiritual path, I announced to the girl whom I was in a relationship with that I wanted us to break up, even though I loved her, since I felt that she was impelling me towards committing carnal sins and that I was doing the same to her... Nevertheless, the only thing I gained finally was a greater internal discord and conflict.

I continued on with my spiritual exploration with more specialized spiritual teams, whilst books of spiritual orientation and personal development became my passion, but they still didn’t seem to solve the internal conflict between “spirit and matter”.

And then, when I was around 27, in the framework of my usual exploration, I came across a spiritual master who said something I had not heard before, and this thing radically changed my outlook on everything. The master had said that you cannot have a great spiritual development unless you make sure that you keep your personality and its desires satisfied. He even stressed that a great obstacle found in many spiritual seekers was that they left this exact part unsatisfied, resulting to sabotaging their whole spiritual development.

To be more precise, he had explained to me that there is of course also, the path of denial as a choice that many seekers of spiritual development have followed. However, this path holds a great danger: in their attempt to overcome all “material obstacles”, the seeker lets the hidden needs of their personality “starve to death” in order that they may turn their attention exclusively on the spirit.

This initially creates a rather uncomfortable situation, since the seeker is made to fight against their own energy. But even if they manage to withstand this internal struggle, the energy of the unsatisfied yearnings remains inside them and essentially rots and creates a kind of spiritual gangrene which bears the danger for a sudden setback, or for the seeker to might even fall seriously ill – physically or mentally; and so in a state of pain or confusion, to end up losing whatever kind of accomplishment they would have achieved to that point!

Instead, my master explained that there is another way, that of the skilful engagement. In this path, through the appropriate training, you can learn how to consciously handle the energy in your life, how to break free from the sham of lack, and having experienced fulfilment in practise as well as having been freed thus from the programs of the personality’s desires, you will manage to subsume your energy in your spiritual path in the form of an extra fuel!

Suddenly I became a second Archimedes inside me and shouted out loud to myself: EUREKA! This is the key to the resolution of my internal struggle!

Yes, I believe that it was something like this that I was searching for -something both spiritual and material- rather than this horrible dilemma of choosing one or the other. On the other hand, as far as I can remember, no one had imposed this dilemma on me, but that doesn’t matter. Since I was experiencing it so tragically, it was as if a foreign force was imposing it on me...

I tried to stay in touch with the master in order to learn as much as possible and to the extent that this was possible, and this was mainly for two reasons: the knowledge that I extracted could be of use to me, only to the extent that my understanding allowed me to and secondly because we didn’t live in the same place, so communication couldn’t take place as often as I wished.

Despite of all this, I began to acquire a knowledge which was mainly related to the subject of conscious creation, but I did this through a viewpoint that allowed me to be efficient towards spiritual development as well.

The thing that made a great impression on me regarding this particular  master, was that as soon as I heard him speak I knew, without quite knowing why, that the knowledge he was communicating was genuine, and this was mainly because he wasn’t bothered about whether he convinced you or not. I felt that the knowledge he was giving to me and others who shared the same interest was because he wanted to help us. He did it as a kind of service, just as an older brother would have done for his little brother when sees him in difficulty and wants to help him.

Another thing that had also made a great impression, was that he was prepared to give answers to any kind of taboo-question and that the only thing that limited his answers was the level of our understanding. Thus, I felt that although he wanted to give us further knowledge, he couldn’t, simply because our understanding did not allow it, even though he himself never said this, since he was always retaining a humble position to avoid disappointing us. He just thought that time and the friction of the knowledge that he had given us would broaden our understanding and we would be able to accept more knowledge and comprehend the existing knowledge on a deeper level, an element which would make it even more effective.

As time went by I got to know this particular master better and learned that he had obtained the knowledge that he was communicating to us from another master, whom he had met in his youth, and that this knowledge derived from an age-old ancient spiritual tradition, which managed to retain this knowledge alive till today, through the method of selective initiation.

More specifically, this secret internal tradition derived from ancient Greece and as the master revealed to me much later, it was the only ancient Greek tradition which managed to be retained alive without any discontinuity, because its disciples who were being initiated,  made a sacred promise in order to protect it, keep it secret and instil it selectively to only a few disciples whom they would select with respect to their ability and efficiency to serve this commitment and obligation that they would take on.


So, there you go, my initial impression regarding the value and rarity of this particular knowledge wasn’t wrong. And I was certain that the master bore genuine knowledge, because he himself confirmed this through his own life. Since, apart from being a spiritual master he also has a life which is very successful with respect to material accomplishments... i.e. his teaching wasn’t far off from his actions.

Another thing which I constantly had on my mind and was sure about it, was that not the whole knowledge had been given to us, at least on the matter of conscious creation, because our understanding did not permit it... And as you have already gathered, when something gets in my mind, it becomes an obsession and I will not rest until I get a satisfying answer.

As the years went by, my quest continued on, my understanding was broadened, but the matter of conscious creation was always bothering me, and basically my question was simple: why can’t we easily create what we desire? Why is it that, despite all of these well-intentioned teachings, such as “The Secret”, promising that everything is so easy, it is actually so hard in implementing it? And I may have already explained to you some further reasons, but before I managed to get to these explanations I had previously addressed my master, and being rather angry I had put forward to him my burning question on the matter of conscious creation. At first, I think he tried to avoid me, but this time I couldn’t back out, it was now a matter of life and death for me, and so I pressured him hard. Then he gave me the laconic reply that the majority of us who are searching for this kind of knowledge and persist on reading one book after the other and who attend countless seminars on prosperity, wealth, success etc. do not understand at all how energy works...

–We don’t understand how energy works? I asked him instinctively and rather annoyed.

-Yes, he repeated.

And then he revealed to me the first great secret which I will give to you right away...

-Energy, he said, works through the principle of seduction!

-Of seduction? I asked stammering. But hold on, I said to him, as far as I know seduction has to do with flirting between the two sexes...

-Yes, flirting, he replied to me, the only thing is that the notion of this foreplay is not restricted between the two sexes; it has many other associations.

Then, he asked me, if I had ever noticed all of the successful people that we find in various sectors (e.g. successful artists, successful business-men, successful lovers, successful politicians etc.) and what those around them say about them.

He explained that they all seem to exert a kind of charm that attracts people, things and situations, in order to work to their advantage. And when you ask those around these people, they all tell you how happy they feel that they are in their environment and that they indeed find them attractive, literally seductive, and constantly, everything seems to be coming on the right side for these people.

He explained to me, that these people, whether they know it or not, are essentially seducers of energy.

Seducers of energy? ... Seduction? ... Conscious creation ... all these words began to spin in my head and then I was trying to put them in an order... Then he looked at me, smiled and said kindly:

-Don’t stress, this isn’t a mater that requires a mental understanding, you rather need to sense it...

-Sense what, seduction? I asked.

-Yes, he replied.

-What do you mean? I asked him again.

-Its simple, he said, and his face lit up with a bright smile. He asked me if I had ever fallen in love.

-Only once or twice? I replied. What kind of attraction to the beauty of material life would I have then, without love affairs?

-Good, he said, bring to your mind the whole process right from its initial step.

-Gladly, I replied. I always liked reminiscing about my love affairs, much more now that I am doing it for the purpose of knowledge.

- How did you know that you wanted this particular girl and not someone else?

-What do you mean how did I know? I sensed it; you feel these things, you don’t know them, I replied.

-Exactly, he replied, you sense them, it is a sense, therefore energy. And what does this energy make you feel? He asked me.

-Err... I felt a sweet sense of excitement; I almost felt like I was flying, I felt lighter, more liberated...

-So the energy qualities that the “target” brought out in you were those of freedom, liveliness, sweetness etc.

-Exactly, I confirmed.

- So, for you, he said, the aim would add something in your life, it therefore had a value and since it had this value, most probably other men recognized this value too.

-Oh yes, this particular girl was very beautiful and desirable to many men.

-Right, he said, and I am certain that she would have wanted to have made the best choice for her self, isn’t that right.

-Of course, I replied immediately.

-And how would she know which was the best choice for her? Why should she choose you?

-Because she would have a great time with me. You know that I like having fun, I am great company. My inner journey has also given a certain depth to my personality and therefore she would be able to express and experience the kind of feelings with me that she perhaps would not have been able to, with another man.

-Exactly, he said; Once more, she would feel through her energy, that with you, she would be able to make her energy more productive and that she would end up gaining something from this relationship - meaning that she would express and develop the kind of qualities, from her experience with you, that would benefit and develop her as a being.

-Hmm, that is a very interesting point of view, I commented, whilst I was feeling anxious to hear more.

-And how would she know that things are like this, my dear seeker?

-Haven’t we already said that she would feel it?

-Yes, we said that, but sometimes that’s not quite enough and we need some extra verification.

-I can’t think of anything...

-She would know it and perceive it from the attraction that you exerted on other women too, because she would subconsciously feel then that since you attract other women too, then you must definitely be attractive and that she can’t be wrong, just as you had concluded about her from the interest that other men showed in her.

Truly, this new approach to the law of attraction had really started to fascinate me and I couldn’t wait to see where it would turn out... As you may know, eagerness is the everlasting vice of a seeker; they want to know everything quickly and through the shortest path. This is why they remain seekers for years and years!


-Since both of you have clarified inside you that you are interested in each other, now you must approach each other, isn’t that right? He asked.

-Of course, I said to him, love without approaching cannot happen! I am sorry dear friends, but theories regarding the platonic kind of love were never of interest to me... I was always more of a... tactile kind of person!

-So you start what we call, flirting, isn’t that right?

-That’s right.

-And what is important when flirting?

-That’s an easy question for me, because, without meaning to boast, being at the age of 36 -which I was then- I could in my opinion, present a credible opinion on how flirting is carried out. The basic rule of flirting is to show interest, but not so intensely so as to put you in a disadvantageous position; i.e. you should not show your flirt that you need them or that you are “burning” for them.

- Well done, he answered. That’s exactly how it is, because if you go after your target in a frenzied condition and despair, then the target perceives through its energy that you need it; i.e. you are in an inferior energy position. Therefore, you see them as a form of salvation, which isn’t the best thing for them, since if you are in lack of, and you need to take, it is most likely that you do not have an awful lot to give, therefore the case of a better development for them through you, takes a hike; the target perceives this on the energy level and instead of being attracted to you, it is repelled!

This, as he explained, is the point where the majority of people “collapse” in the process of conscious creation.

Since they cannot understand energy, they try desperately to impose their desire through the power of their will (or neediness, I would rather say) and although initially they feel that they control the whole process, in reality, their energy of attraction turns into a repellent force. This results to them becoming exhausted and feeling disappointed, as well as to having very poor results.

My eyes were fixed on the master and it was almost as if I was listening to him with the whole of my inner self, not just with my ears. His every word went straight to the deepest spot in my brain and became boldly imprinted...

Then the master glanced at me and set another question:

- So let’s assume that you have managed to be successful with your initial seduction and that you have excited your target’ s interest and that it has become attracted to you. Do you think that your initial successful seduction is simply enough to guarantee a permanent settling of the goal in your life?

By the tone of the question, I could tell that the answer was that the initial successful seduction is not enough for the successful ending with the target, but I did not know the reason why and the whole essence of this question lied within this “why”.

 -Maybe it’s enough, maybe it’s not... I replied with a sufficient amount of diplomacy so as to avoid the question’s “thin ices”.

-In the vast majority of cases it is not enough, the master added with a clear tone in his voice, to then go on and say: you must know next how to guide your goal in a skilful way, so that it will not be allured by the charm of other rivals but also not to bump into any “objectively” insurmountable obstacles occurring, which in practice will cancel the prospect of the goal sticking with you.

Suddenly, memories whisked through my mind as in a movie, from various events where I happened to have a successful seduction and thought that its continuation had been mapped out definitively and positively, to then go on to find out a while after, that for some kind of “inexplicable reason” (as regarded by my logic and understanding then) the goal went back simply because of the occurrence of “certain obstacles”... and I thought that I couldn’t have done anything else, so I then had to come to terms with the fact of a non-positive final outcome of the seduction.

I was yearning at that moment for more than anything else to finally find out what was this thing that I could not understand in the whole process until that point...

- You will have to understand, he said, that the earthy world that you call “the matrix”, is a gigantic construction of energy which possesses a tremendous level of energetic power and in no case can you ignore it, nor can you have a head-on collision with it, for it will exterminate you or, in the best case scenario, it will drain you. If you do not know how to move inside the matrix, then most of the time you will be bumping into obstacles that you won’t know how to overcome. The earthy world in which we are living is something like an energetic labyrinth and if you ignore its rules of circulation then this can throw you into doom. But if you know the way it works, then you can use it to your advantage!

You must know that, since we are living in this world, we are members of this energetic construction, that not only influences us but we are also participating energetically in supplying it with new energy. Most of the time this happens without the majority of people knowing about it, but the point is that it happens. Practically, this means that we have already accepted the rules of the game, in the way that this game is unfolding inside the matrix. And as with every labyrinth, for those that do not have a map with its routes on, it is an equation that cannot be solved; while for those that do have such a map it becomes a chance to take a leisurely walk!

Thus, when you find out the rules for navigating inside the matrix, you will have the knowledge on the paths through which you can guide your goal, so that it can come to you swiftly and securely. Furthermore, you will know which paths to avoid, in which, “rivals” hang around that are ready to set obstacles in your way (most of the time not consciously, but the point is that they will set these) or simply which paths lead to a dead-end, or are full of obstacles and have negative conditions for your manifestations. 

It was the first time after a long period that I had nothing to say. A single thought had begun to run through my mind more and more intensely, and this thought was that I was starting to understand, differently now, the whole story of conscious creation...

But, if the whole story of conscious creation is a mere simulation of the art of seduction, it is therefore something like flirting, and this puts the whole story in a totally different frame of work - a frame of work which each person is able to understand and implement, whilst playing an enjoyable game, rather than the “I have to sit down and carry out conscious creation”, which stands today.

My dear friends, believe me, all these were minimal in front of all the things that the master revealed to me next!

You cannot imagine my surprise when I discovered that apart from the theories regarding the seduction of energy, there also existed a whole sequence of other unprecedented and overwhelming secrets, that the master revealed to me regarding the art of conscious creation –secrets that were even more impressive, that changed radically the whole image that I had up to that point. They made me on the one hand feel mad about the precious time that I had lost in my life, and on the other hand feel very lucky, that now finally, I had woken up from a sleep of ignorance! So, believe me, I think you are very lucky, my friends, that you are given the chance now to receive all this knowledge.

Anyway, getting back to my narration, I couldn’t control my excitement and desire to methodize all of this knowledge. So, I made the decision to discuss about it with the master. And when I met him again, I wanted to pressurize him about it, but, before I even had the time to open my mouth, he spoke to me, as if he had read my mind:

-I know, now you want to ask me how all of this knowledge can be given through a system that can be implemented simply and effectively.

-How did you know? I replied. He laughed and said:

-I think the time has come...

For the next period of time, we were meeting up very regularly and he had started giving me all of the knowledge in a systematic and filtered form, through a point of view which was completely new and wonderful with respect to its effectiveness.

He taught me the “Morphogenesis” system which, as he explained, as well as by taking into account what the words that comprise its name reveal, it is the scientific method through which anyone can understand the way through which any kind of form (morphé is the Greek word for form) is created, regardless of whether it is found in the higher or lower realms. And once someone has comprehended this knowledge and the way it works , they can use it in order to create forms  (i.e. to acheive any kind of goals) in their life, themselves.

I undertook the commitment to record this knowledge and make sure that it becomes public knowledge, because as he had told me, our era was in great need of a subversion in the basic limitations of the human matrix and we most probably neither have a lot of time available, nor the luxury for such knowledge to remain in the possession of only a few people. I didn’t really understand these last few words and asked him for further explanations, but being laconic as always, he said “do what is your responsibility to do in the best possible way, and have faith that whatever you need to know, you’ll know it at the time you need it”.

To tell you the truth, I simply despise this kind of answers that spiritual masters usually give, because with this kind of a reply, instead of answering one query, they create even more...Anyway, I had simply acquired the experience from so many years of my internal quest that allowed me to know that I shouldn’t persist on asking.

But now, through my contact with the use of this knowledge, I had another reason, a personal one, for which I wanted for this knowledge to become generally known now and that was the result that I gained from its use...

Until the age of 37, my life was relatively ok, in the sense that I had a good job and generally I kind of managed things in all sections of my life... Nevertheless, I had a secret grievance that I wasn’t living the life I was dreaming of, my life wasn’t a work of art which I was creating, but rather a conventional life which focused on the best possible survival!

I felt as if I wasn’t making use to its full extent, the potential that the Creator had entrusted in me, and this in my opinion is the greatest of all sins...

And that was when I decided that I had to live a life of making use of my potential to its full extent. How did I do it?

I trusted and used the knowledge that I had obtained from the “Morphogenesis” system and my life changed forever. This is how I know first hand now, about the effectiveness of this knowledge. Now, at the age of forty, my old conventional job is history since three years ago, without looking back even for a moment feeling regretful, because simply enough, now I can occupy myself with the thing that represented the secret desire in my heart. And you know something; the strange thing is that before I used this knowledge, I didn’t even know that this was my heart’s desire. As you will find out later, the knowledge on the manifestation of goals can be used with great success in order to reveal to you the purpose of your life, which you may have hidden deep in your heart.

As about the means (money, people, plans, chances etc) that you need in order to succeed in any plan, the knowledge of this system of manifestation of desires is implemented with the same efficiency as the above.

The word success is now a permanent state in my life, which means the following: I have the financial prosperity and do what I love above all, and my use of time daily gives me a sense of fulfilment to such a great extent and duration, as nothing I have ever experienced before.

I am guessing that this is probably what it was, when I was frantically searching for what I called happiness!!!

As you can understand from the above, I took on the commitment to make this knowledge known with a great pleasure, simply because I wanted to share with more people the happiness and blessings that I acquired. Thus, I wrote down all of the teachings as the master gave them to me, and today I am here to present this knowledge through a completed system.

So this was basically my friends the beginning of my exciting journey with Morphogenesis and I believe it will be an exciting journey for you as well, a journey very satisfying and rewarding into the fabulous world of conscious creation and inner quest!!!


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