Excerpts L1

Lesson 1rst A

…This field owns a practically infinite energy and with relation to the art of “conscious creation” or the attraction and manifestation of goals, which is our concern here, it has a unique quality: it functions as a womb that gives birth to events and situations in our material world, which have unlimited potential...

….Well, how is this realm practically inseminated, in order for it to give birth to its results in the material world? Through thought-forms….

….Essentially, the whole material world (the matrix that we discussed) is the result of a birth-manifestation of an enormous thought-form that superior spiritual beings produced, in concert with the human souls which they obtained a common karmic vision (convention) for the world in which they wanted to live….

….The whole art of manifestation lies in the scientific creation of thought-forms. Both the realm of visions and the earthy matrix have their own laws which rule the manifestation of events and without the knowledge of these laws and the appropriate education with regards to their management, every attempt for conscious creation is almost always doomed.
The lessons which shall follow will give you everything anyone needs in order to be able to become master of their selves and to stop being prey to the matrix, succeeding thus in whatever they desire with complete harmlessness and without disturbing the broader cosmic order….

…I must explain to you something very significant. It is essential for every single one of your conscious creation to be intended for something good - for your own self as well as for others. Do not even think of using the Knowledge for the purpose of harming or forcing someone else to act against their will, otherwise the consequences for your karma will be disastrous!
The Knowledge that I will pass on to you is all-powerful, and this is why you bear a greater responsibility than any other simple person for its use, who in their ignorance may harm others.
You can make mistakes - that’s not a problem. But the thing that is central here, is to always have a conscious and clear intention to work for the good; your motives must be pure. In this way, rest assured that not only won’t you set yourself in danger, but you will also accumulate more positive karma and you will always have the support of superior spiritual forces ensured...


…The master continued listing the steps which I had to follow in order that I may go on to set my goal successfully…

….In quantum physics, Heisenberg’s renowned Principle of Uncertainty states: If the possibility of a subatomic particle being placed in a particular spot is great, then the possibility of its speed being known, is minimal, and vice versa. Without going to your head further with Physics, you must know that this principle is also in proportion to the process of manifestation and is described as thus: the more clear and the more detailed the path in which you want your goal to come to you is, then the more uncalculated the speed in which it will come to you will be. In simple words, if you are a great formalist and you tend to describe in inexhaustible detail what and how will exactly happen, then you are in danger of your manifestation being much delayed. It might not even take place if the channel of energy, in the way that you yourself want it to be, happens to be “shut”. On the other hand, if the characteristics and the process of the arrival of your goal are completely indefinite in your mind, then the manifestation can be carried out quickly but you may not get exactly what you want…

…Read through this description of your goal every night while being completely concentrated, before you go to sleep. But, in the duration of the rest of the day, do not think about it and do not become pre-occupied by it at all. You will also learn the reason for this in the course of your teaching…

…Meanwhile, he continued, I will now give you a very powerful technique to enforce and project your will, which you will have to apply it…

…You most probably do not know about this, but there is a force which our ancient teaching calls Active Intelligence. This power is equivalent to the energy radiated by the rational will of each person. This is expressed through the power, the inspiration, the fluency and persuasiveness of our speech -on a material level- but also as an invisible energy of the attraction and the manifestation of intentions in the realm of visions…

….Up to that point I thought that the goal setting process was something simple that doesn’t take more than five minutes to carry it out - you just want something and that’s it…
I knew however, that the master’s persistence on the significance of the goal setting process was anything but random.
Only when I had later completed my initiation and got into the process of implementing the knowledge into practice, I realized its great significance. Essentially, the goal setting process functioned not only as a cast for the shaping of the goal but also as a tool that opened up energy cannels of connection with the “morphogenetic fields” and speeded up the process of the manifestation of intentions…

….This formidable force of resistance dwells in your sub-conscious. Through the technique of the “Convergence of Psychic Powers” I obtained direct access to this great force, and transformed it from being a force of resistance to a friendly power of reinforcement!
If you don’t approach this force in this way and you do not manage to transform it into a friendly force, then you cannot go on. It’s as if you want to drive your car while putting your foot on the accelerator and the breaks both at the same time! If you try to force it with the power of your will, i.e. if you bully it, then this force interprets your attempt as an attack to your own self and “rings the alarm” and then activates all of its power, in order to defend itself against the enemy, which at that point is your “logical” decision….

….The technique of the “Convergence of Psychic Powers” led the way for me to continue my initiation and achieve a lot of other critical alterations in my personality and create what the master had taught me: the “magnetic personality”. You know, the kind of personality that enchants people and attracts them towards you easily, for the purpose of these people being friendly and helpful with you, is the kind of personality that we call charismatic. People are attracted thus, because your energy attracts them and because they like being in your company.
The master taught me step-by-step how to create this magnetic personality that radiated charisma and for many of the goals that I wanted to accomplish, once again I did not need to implement all of the knowledge of the system of conscious creation that was given to me. This was simply because I attracted them through the alterations that had taken place in my vibration...

Lesson 1rst B

…The first lesson successfully covered goal setting, the moral basis of your goal, as well as it directed you to verify the deeper motivations of the target you have chosen.
Nevertheless, there is one point that for most people is a “blind spot", meaning that they do not realize its existence and especially the importance it has in conscious creation. This point has to do with beliefs. Not with beliefs you have about yourself, but about three other very important issues….

….E.g. if you want to live with greater economic comfort and generally you think you're a capable person who deserves this wealth, it is normal to be assumed, based on the belief you have about yourself, that you are aligned with the aim of economic prosperity. And this is true, except that there is a chance that you have one more subconscious belief such as for example that there is a Punisher-God who subjects people to suffering in order to purify them of their sins and that poverty is a mandatory and fair punishment for sins!
What do you think will happen in such a case? Although you have a positive belief about yourself, the belief you have about God is contrary to your aim. The outcome will be judged by the intensity of each belief. But unfortunately, our beliefs about God are among the first we learn, and therefore, whether we realize it or not, some of the most powerful. Furthermore, no matter in which culture or tradition you were born or grew up, there was already an established view about God, the influence of which you cannot easily escape.
Many people, when they grow up, because they are not active in any religion, they think that issues such as "beliefs about God" do not concern them. Many would even call themselves atheists and think that in this way-superficially at least- they are more confident that the issue does not concern them.
Unfortunately, here is the big catch. Their belief has been created in a very young age and as time goes by, it is only supported, while at the same time it is becoming more and more unconscious, more mechanical, and thus more difficult to recognize. In fact, that some people decide to call themselves atheists as adults, is a very good indication that the subconscious belief they have for God is no good and they (unconsciously) try to escape the consequences of these false beliefs, by renouncing the existence of God. They think that this way, they would escape the fearful image of God they have already adopted….

…Or you may subconsciously simply fear the "unknown", the new that will be brought by the change and that if you change, you will not know your new place in the environment you live. You do not know and you worry about how and in what way the change will affect your relationships with people in your family and your close environment. These fears may sound vague to the logical mind of an adult, but for the subconscious, which does not know what is reasonable and what is not, these fears are very serious, to an extent that it perceives them as a threat to its life itself and thus, it activates the mechanism of the instinct of survival and does everything possible to ensure that the change does not proceed, as it is -mistakenly- viewed as a deadly threat.
These three categories of beliefs are characterized as fundamental and in no way should they be ignored or their importance is degraded.
These beliefs are of a higher level, meaning that they are more powerful, their influence is immeasurably greater and they constitute a common place for the vast majority of people. They make up a big part of what is called "racial memory" which strengthens them even more.
When there is awareness of the fundamental beliefs but also the possibility of modifying them, then the project of changing the beliefs you have about yourself is much easier....

….Once the energy ball is installed there, you concentrate on this light and the sense it gives you, like coordinating with this energy ball of light. When you feel this coordination, you say silently to yourself, slowly but strongly with emotion, three times the word… at the same time, you have the intention that the entire process triggers the release of information about your beliefs on the three issues….The process of Apocalypse fully activates the subconscious and brings it into contact with the conscious mind. The information will start coming in the following form ….

….The way the intervention of the change takes place (the third part of the process) will be given to you at the end of the second lesson, because in order for it to be effective and, understood you should have first learned the powerful technique of Convergence of Psychic Powers. Then, it is going to be like the pieces of a puzzle all being put in place and forming the full picture.

Note that the second part of the process of Apocalypse, the one which concerns the blue light before bedtime, can be used when someone has difficulty in his goal setting process, to find what he wants to set as a target, or needs some information on the priorities he should have in the hierarchy of targets (i.e. what which target to work with first) and the logical analysis of the issue does not help to reach a conclusion, so he keeps being in a dilemma…

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