Why what you have been told about the Law of Attraction is not enough


Hidden factors influencing the process of conscious creation; why ignoring them keeps you away from achieving the desired results.

 In its simplified formulation, the Law of Attraction states that in accordance with the kind and quality of vibrations that you transmit in your daily life, you attract the corresponding kind of experiences, people, situations and events.

The practical conclusion drawn from this simplified formulation is that, if you continuously and intensely think on whatever you desire, feeling like you already have it, you will get it anyway, and that, most importantly, following this “recipe” you can have anything you want.

Yet in practice, it becomes evident that things do not exactly work this way, as found out by many people who have thoroughly practiced the law of attraction without rendering any noteworthy results. The problem is not as much the degree of success not attained, but rather has to do with their ignorance about what is going wrong, so that they have their chance to fix it. No one has explained to them why the law of attraction just isn’t enough when applied in this simplified formulation.

Let’s look in more detail why is that so:

Forewarning: The following text may initially cause you some kind of emotional disturbance, but this is done for a very good reason. By letting yourself be guided by the Morphogenesis’ supreme knowledge, you will be able to escape from the unproductive, superficial and unsatisfactory level the law of attraction is used by the ignorant, and reach a deeper and higher level of knowledge and mastery of the law where you will experience unprecedented personal fulfilment and happiness. 


The Higher Cosmic Plan for the spiritual evolution of souls

The earthy world that we are living in is a karmic world; i.e. a result of the Earth’s, as well as of the souls’ living on it, karmic past. From a spiritual scope, it constitutes some kind of “school” where all souls attend in order to be trained on particular issues that are directly related to their spiritual evolution.

They come to gain certain kinds of knowledge and skills that are essential for them, in order to successfully “pass on” to the next stage of their evolutional process, where they will be used by the higher Cosmic Plan in assignments of a higher spiritual nature.

If a soul does not succeed in being trained on the skills that it ought to obtain in the earthy world, then it will not manage to graduate from this “school”. Furthermore, not only will it not be promoted to a higher evolutional stage, but also if it abuses of the abilities-gifts given in the duration of its earthy life, then it’s possible to be degraded to a lower karmic environment, alongside with whatever that entails.

From this point of view, the law of attraction is offered as an important tool given to the trainees of the earthy school (i.e. humankind) in order to create the necessary inner and outer good living conditions that will facilitate their training. Therefore, it must be thoroughly clarified that the law of attraction is and must only be treated as a top TRAINING TOOL and not as a “magic genie” that will unconditionally give you anything you wish for in this earthy world, as the beginners on law of attraction mistakenly want to believe.

There is a specific purpose to this, because a higher training principle that applies to the earthy school is that “the excessively good or excessively bad living conditions are both pervasive for the soul”.

They become obstacles that slow-down a soul’s evolution and in many cases even cancel it out once and for all. For this reason, every tool for conscious creation (such as the law of attraction) must be used with a higher spiritual awareness and skilfulness, for the benefit of the soul’s evolution. Thus, the tendency of lower personality in being excessive (through greediness and generally through its attachment to the excessive accumulation of whatever provides pleasure) must be avoided.

Particularly in this phase, on a planetary level, the law of attraction tool seems to be needed more to be used for reversing bad conditions created for the majority of the planet’s residents on an ecological and economical level, as well as with regards to world peace and security. (see key-text 8,000 operators)

But even if someone does not accept all these points and insists on having an absolute materialistic and utilitarian mentality, saying e.g. “I don’t care about any spiritual aspect of the law of attraction, I just want to use it as a means to achieve my material goals…”, there is still a problem, because the point is not what we like and what we believe to be true, based on our limited knowledge, but rather what really applies. In other words truth is independent of one’ s beliefs. The earthy school’s karmic world is something that has been created by higher causalities controlling the earthy realm. Therefore one’s preferences on what they like and what they believe in cannot disrupt these causalities; instead, they can only bring them serious obstacles if in their ignorance fail to take account of them and actually move against them without being aware of it. Besides, whatever we create in our life expresses and depends directly on our innermost qualities. What we create each time is essentially what we truly are! Thus, all evolutionally inferior persons, even if they manage to activate the law of attraction for their benefit, they will only manifest lower quality situations and goals that will stand as great karmic obstacles in their further evolution.


Karmic limitations

Karma is a primary and very significant factor, superimposed on the law of attraction, often making the process of its implementation difficult.

If for example, a person’s karmic tendency was for them to be born in a country where war is now waging, then the collective karma of their country overmasters their individual use of the law of attraction. Thus, it is rather impossible (or almost impossible) for them to set as a personal goal the creation of, say, a successful touristic business at the area where war takes place, through the help of the law of attraction, no matter how intensely they want it and focus their thought on it.  Similarly, negative events occurring at global scale, unavoidably influence any national attempt made by various nations; and the impact is even worse when it comes to the attempts made by single citizens of these nations. Thus, planetary karma overmasters national karma, which in turn overmasters individual karma, in the sense of one’s attempt to personally implement the law of attraction.

So, it has to be fully understood that the law of attraction can offer a positive and creative personal use only when individual, national and planetary karma are jointly and harmonically aligned.

It wasn’t by chance that the law of attraction had a great appeal and application in the western world, where so far relatively good living conditions have prevailed both on a national and planetary level (see key-text After 2012). Thus, in this part of the planet, both “national” and “planetary” presuppositions (good living conditions) were present to some higher degree, making the implementation of the law of attraction on a personal level more successful.


This has now been realised most dramatically, after the tragic earthquake in Japan and the nuclear accident in Fukushima.

How could anyone living in Japan right now think that he or she will only use the Law of Attraction for their own purposes in order to achieve their personal life-goals? Or that they don’t really care about what is going on around them and that they’ll just leave it up to the Law of Attraction to settle everything, on its own.

This is how those who have understood the law of attraction in its simplified form like to think.  Whether it was because they chose to understand it in this way or because they were only presented with the simplified form on account of marketing purposes, this approach completely refuses to recognise the Law of Attraction as a part of the wider universal order of things, as it is explained and presented through the Morphogenesis System.

What’s more, this tragic event that took place in Japan goes beyond the boundaries of national karma and seems to be also affecting planetary karma to some extent.

The pollution caused by the radioactive leak knows no national boundaries and is already spreading to other countries.

Unfortunately, according to Nisa (the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency in Japan) the levels of radioactivity that leaked into the atmosphere amount to approximately 770,000 terabecquerels (TBq), instead of 370,000 TBq which was the initial estimate.

Thus, the levels of pollution in the area are much higher (double the amount) than what was initially estimated. Much higher levels of radioactivity have also been detected in other countries around the world. 

The magnitude of disaster still as of year 2012 can not be estimated. This is clearly depicted in professor’ s  Hiroaki Koide (Nuclear Reactor Specialist and Assistant Professor at Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute) words (May 4, 2012): “What awaits us is a very long battle to somehow find a way to encapsulate or enclose this large amount of radiation. This is something which humanity as a whole has literally never experienced, we have no idea — I have no idea what will happen. But we will be fighting this radiation on the order of tens or hundreds of years”.

Professor speaks about something humanity as a whole has never experienced. He did not speak about Japan but about humanity because the contamination (through air) is global. He also predicted the consequences of this disaster will be present for many years. Therefore, this pollution does not only concern Japan, it is not one country issue since, as has already been mentioned, more countries have been more or less affected too. 

Certainly the modern marketing as well as many governments do not like people to be aware and constantly remember the degree of the contamination caused. Not always with wrong intentions but sometimes everyday reality is overwhelming and new issues come up that draw attention and publicity. So that there is some sort of “amnesia”. There is no longer reference to the consequences of the accident, when in fact the contamination is an issue that is current every day. We can' t afford as global human community to regard issues like  this as "water under the bridge". It should be continuous measurements and announcements about what should be done.

Do you understand the kind of situation we have to face right now and just how tough the “game” has become? We must soon realise that we have a situation of planetary karma activation at hand.

The practical conclusion is, that by the awakening and activation of the planetary karma, both national and (most importantly) individual karma have already been relegated to second place (as sub-entities of the planetary karma).

The same thing is happening with the utility of the Law of Attraction. If for example some other countries were to become radioactively polluted, we can all comprehend that the citizens in these countries would no longer have the same (using the law of attraction) goals, as they did before the accident when they were all living under the illusion of being safe and many continue to live in their false ignorance (since radiation is “invisible” to them, there is no radiation at all). This also goes for every one of us on this planet; this is simply because problems of this kind are borderless and do not require a passport or a visa in order for them to “visit” your place. They are planetary and concern every single one of us. The only way to treat these is via awakening as many people as possible across the world in order that, they too, may contribute with their cooperation and solidarity.

Now as you know and as we go towards the year 2012 (or are currently for those who read the text later) the planetary karma will be the dominant and will determine the developments at a global, national and personal level (see key-text After 2012). This is also evident from the debt crisis that has broken out in the Euro zone. But not only the euro countries are involved in the crisis but also  somehow the U.S. after being downgraded by the rating agencies (summer 2011), as well as China and Japan as these countries are the largest holders of US and euro (to a lesser extent) bonds. We are facing an ongoing global debt crisis and this is another clear case of planetary karma awakening.

The same applies to all war conflicts and riots that have erupted in northern Africa and the Arab world and even to the movement of the indignant citizens created in almost all countries of the developed western world.

The planetary karma is now clearly in the driver’ s seat  in the global developments. As for the law of attraction and its implementation in personal level, applies what we’ve mentioned above, namely whatever comes third in relation to the global and national karma.

The law of attraction in its original core and expression is a tool of high spirituality and the right and deep understanding of it, as well as the masterlful use of it, requires a minimum level of personal growth and spiritual development. It is not what most of the people apprehend exactly.

The law of attraction can’t be understood at the level of the lower personality and linear mind of the egoistic self that lives in ignorance, fear and conflict.

What most people wrongly apprehend as the law of attraction, is a simple linear cause-effect relationship that is evolving inside our three-dimensional physical world; this is only one aspect of the law of attraction and not the entire function of the law (if the law of attraction was only a cause-effect relationship, our world should have already been destroyed by the “causes” we create collectively every day; however this doesn’t apply to the higher causalities as we will explain below).

The law of attraction goes far beyond the simple cause-effect relationship and is the essence of the higher spiritual love uniting and connecting everything. And the base of every successful creation in personal or collective level depends on the accomplishment and experiencing of this unity.

However, as we’ve said, in order for this to be understood in practice, a minimum level of personal and spiritual development is required, as unfortunately it can’t be understood only intellectually (for this reason, Morphogenesis apart from being a system in conscious creation, also aims to the personal and spiritual growth of the trainees).  

Those who continue to teach the law of attraction in its simple and naive form, namely only for personal use, are missing something very important and crucial for the successful implementation of the law at a more advanced level. Although all these teachers are usually very well meaning people with compassionate hearts and actually they do offer a good service to humanity by popularizing the law to increasingly large amounts of people world wide,  nontheless their non spiritual understanding and approach to the law negates the initially gained benefits in the long run. In fact things like “don’t you care about the global economic developments (or other issues), all you need is to shift your attention on happy things and what you want” that are commonly being taught at the beginners level of the law could backfire when you have more complicated goals to manifest (in a sense that personal and at least national karma may be involved). Unfortuanatelly most of the the worthy goals in life are somehow complicated and definately more complicated than "attracting" a free parking space when you need it.

What we need as advanced co-creators of reality is to have a deeper spiritual understanting so that we can develop a kind of "special vision" (charisma) which will enable us to see the higher causalties behind the law and take advantage of this "special vision" and incorporate into our manifestation "action plan" all the necessary adjustments. This way we can avoid unnecessary and undesirable hindrances coming from karmic causes or the destructive aspect of modern society operation. This way we can make a great contribution (using the law of attraction) to the “long awaited” shift in the planetary consciousness in 2012. We should become more aware that any change in planet’s consciousness passes through the awakening of the planetary karma. This can be a pretty painful process for humanity, but the more awakened and skillful reality creators we are, the better we face these consequences and possibly make the shift less painful and more harmonious (see key-text after 2012).

It can be therefore primarily concluded that, apart from people' s individual attempts -whatever they may be-, must be awakened as many more people as possible to implement the law of attraction as a means for Service, in order to manifest good living conditions on both planetary and national level. If you can benefit your human brothers at this level you definately benefit yourself as well because you gain energetic strength and you become more advanced reality co-creator.  It is essential to help prevailing good planetary conditions. This way you also help the law of attraction to become a more powerful tool for personal happiness and change because if there are no good external conditions on these levels (planetary and national), the law of attraction won' t be able to be utilized to its fullest potential and it will essentially be downgraded to a tool of limited use in achieving personal goals and happiness.


Our internal opposition


A second factor seriously influencing the law of attraction is related to our personal evolution, our self-awareness and the emancipation from our personality’s negative aspects.  Here the problem that comes up is that when we are introduced to the law of attraction and we begin trying to consciously use it, we are usually at an age where we have already formed a mature (i.e. very unyielding) personality (regardless of whether we are fond of it or not).

How does this affect the law of attraction? The various negative yet powerful aspects of our personality (called sub-personalities or multiple “egos”) act as programmes automatically deciding on where we turn our attention to, i.e. where we invest our energy consequently what we will attract to put it in law of attraction wording. Given that by nature these subpersonalities or multiple “egos” tend to abhor any kind of positive inner change, by using this mechanism they manage to never-endingly sabotage us “from inside”. This is something that happens almost automatically and subconsciously, thus making the exhortations of the law of attraction “experts” (“just focus your attention and desire on what you want”) become something extremely difficult to be achieved in real life. Those who have earnestly worked on the law of attraction know that when it comes to the subject of personality, another kind of work is called for instead of this simple and naive exhortation.  

Furthermore, anyone trying to think positively all the time, thus going against their personality’s whole negative “background”,  will not only result to the failure of their goal’s manifes

tation, but also to a negative neurotic or depressed state.


The outdated human nervous system and the negative spiral of instincts

Complimentary to the previous factor is the observance how our nervous system responds in the external stimuli exposed in today’ s modern societies we live. In our technologically advanced societies our nervous system is constantly fed with too much external stimuli and it turns out that it does not cope with it very successfully. This leads to a situation that is known to all people as “stress”, where the nervous system seems constantly to overreact for apparently no serious reasons. And it is a fact that 98% of our fears and anxieties never become manifested.

It is like this nervous system was designed to operate in different environments -not that stimuli rich- and currently can’t keep up with the momentum of our modern lives. It is some times like we see and experience the world with the eyes of a prehistoric man or woman. But unfortunately this discrepancy between our nervous system and modern environment has some very serious negative implications in our brain’s operation and ultimately in our well being. (side note: this reason alone is the prime culprit of most addictions and unnecessary personal suffering)

Our logical mind builds its reasoning on the data presented by our instincts (through sensual perceptions). So when there is a strong emotional impulse due to a falsely overreacting instinct, as we described it earlier, the logical mind tries for survival reasons to make sense of this strong reaction signal and projects in the inner mind’s screen (neo-cortex) all the most potentially threatening scenarios that can be retrieved and synthesized from the existing memory banks. This leads to the projection of an even more threatening scenario in our fantasy that in turn triggers an even stronger alarming respond from our survival instincts. Now we are caught up in a vicious circle with no easy escape. This negative chain effect seizes its power upon us when we are almost depleted energetically and there can be no reaction at all, of course until next time.

Needless to say what this functioning of our nervous system does to our effort for conscious creation in terms of target focusing and vibrational coherence.

A lot of people (usually unconsciously) try to cure this problem by taking either the route of controlling (actually repressing) their emotions or by further reasoning and justifying their emotional reactions in a way to avoid inner conflict. Both ways are of very limited efficiency and more than less they create new problems.

Consequently although it is not very flattering for us to admit, the truth is that our logic mainly serves our instincts and not the reverse as it is supposed to be in a civilized technologically advanced society.

The solution comes from a third element that for the majority of people is elusive and this is the spirit. Every human being is inherently gifted with spirit potential. But for the majority of them this power is dormant. Only the spirit can guarantee the optimal operation of the human machine. When the spirit is awakened it activates the function of the “master mind” which then aligns the logic and instincts in the proper way. Then and only then the instincts serve the logic, the logic serves the master mind and all of them are aligned and serve the spirit and higher human evolution. Now the right order has been restored, instincts, logic, master mind, spirit.

The master mind employs the logic to conceive and contemplate a worthy goal and instincts to carry out the necessary steps. But the master mind is always the driving force.

To start with, it is needed a minimum level of spirit awakening to be achieved and then the aligning process starts to take place. Of course this awakening is best achieved through a proper training. This master mind and spirit awakening process has a critical role in the Morphogenesis’ training.


Superimposed thought-forms

Another factor radically influencing the implementation of the law of attraction in its simplified formulation, are thought-forms, which are manufactured energetic structures, yet consisting a kind of real living existence. For example, if a thought-form has been created by many people who think and believe that there is always a heavy traffic jam on your city’s main road, so that they impose this reality, no matter how intensely you individually utilize the law of attraction by thinking of your city’s main road without any traffic, nothing noteworthy would happen. This is simply because this massively created thought-form would be energetically immense and your individual energy would not be able to exert any influence on it at all. It is absolutely essential for you to know how the thought-form game works, in order to implement the law of attraction skilfully, without being influenced by them.

Additionally, again with regards to thought-forms, another problem relates to the advice given to many ambitious users of the law of attraction: “Surrender yourself and the universe will bring you what you want. You just have to let go of yourself!”

The problem is that “letting go” is extremely difficult to be achieved in practice…

Due to the law of Vibrational Coherence, every person, whether they realise it or not, are continuously connected to countless thought-forms attuned to their personality’s vibrations (thoughts, feelings, desires, behaviours, etc).   

Thus, in reality you can never let go, regardless of whether you think so in your logical mind. Any negative aspect that characterizes you, subconsciously, will keep you in tune with countless negative thought-forms, whose energy will suppress any attempt to implement the law of attraction.

At this point, we must also emphasise the great influence that is consciously exerted on human beings by extremely powerful energetic thought-forms, originating from negative forces that most of you may have heard being referred to as dark forces. These forces use the law of attraction for their benefit, thus controlling more and more people with their negative thought-forms. When someone becomes attracted and energetically sucked by such thought-forms, it becomes impossible for them to implement the law of attraction for their own personal benefit. Without realising it, they are practically serving the negative goals dictated by the negative thought-form that is controlling them. This is the reason why so many people, although having initially the best of intentions, they practically end up acting in a negative way and, most importantly, without being able to explain the reason why (see key-text After 2012).

Therefore you will have to learn how to CONSCIOUSLY detach yourself from negative thought-forms and only come into contact with the kind of thought-forms that are beneficial to you, which is something that requires the appropriate training.

Such beneficial thought form is the higher luminous thought form that protects and supports the Morphogenesis system and the participants in it.

In addition, the earthy world we live in is a huge thought-form on its own, the so called “matrix”. This thought-form, has developed its own energetic dynamics which twist and restrain the law of attraction from being effectively applied. Unless somebody knows these dynamics or in other words the energetic rules that govern the matrix, they are always at risk of being entrapped in his energetic labyrinth (a full explanation of this matter is presented in the bonus lesson given upon the completion of the training of Morphogenesis-system, titled “matrix navigation”). 


The untamed mind of the untrained


 Another factor obstructing the successful implementation of the law of attraction lies on the fact that the average person cannot keep a single, specific thought in their mind for more than 6 seconds. Therefore, we can understand how difficult it is to practically implement the attraction law gurus’ exhortation: “think of what you want, not what you don’t desire”.  This is simply impossible in the case of anyone not having undergone some kind of training. You’ve all had the experience of starting your day with the decision of being continuously positive no matter what happens, and then you soon discovered that your environment is “sucking” your energy and that, without realising it, you have gotten involved in negative thoughts. Unfortunately, the obsession on practicing the law of attraction without having the special knowledge required, nor the necessary preparation (as the one given by Morphogenesis system), has led many people to a dead-end in their attempt to remain positive all day. And, of course, since these people can not manage to do so, they then experience an internal conflict in the form of self-criticism, guilt, feelings of self-inadequacy etc. which is the worse thing they could do. Finally, many people end up being in a worse position than they were before start working with the law of attraction.

This results in another negative consequence of the simplified yet but also na¨ve exhortation that many attraction law gurus advise people to embrace; i.e. that “you have come to this world with the sole purpose of being happy and satisfying all of your heart’s desires!” Thus, most people end up feeling as if they are the only ones in this world who haven’t been given “the user’s manual” on how to be happy or that their failure is caused by some kind of personal disadvantage or inferiority. Thus, as mentioned just above, this makes matters even worse than what they were before working with the law of attraction.

By inference, it is highly important for each person to realise what is the real and superior (spiritual) reason and purpose for which they were born to live on this planet, and to not let themselves be led astray by superficial interpretations that will finally lead them to a greater mess. 


Superior Causations

Law of attraction “experts” assert that this law works absolutely impartially and impersonally, not being influenced by things such as: who you are, where you are, which environment you influence or you are influenced by, what kind of work or service you offer…  What’s more, they advocate that, if you transmit negative vibrations then the law of attraction will only give you back negativity, while, conversely, if you transmit positive vibrations then you will receive positive events in your life. To emphasise on this, they also present the “law of gravity” as an example of an operation similar to that of the law of attraction: if you jump off a high building, regardless of whether you are good or bad person, you will die, because the law operates absolutely impartially and mechanically.

Nevertheless, the logic of this generalized, mechanistic implementation does not apply to the law of attraction. As mentioned already, the law of attraction is overmastered by superior causations and is essentially a cosmic tool serving these causations; it cannot in any case transcend them.

If the law of attraction really was impartial and impersonal, operating merely mechanistically, without intelligence and without being part of a greater plan (see key-text The Divine Plan), our planet would have been destroyed by now as a result of humanity’s constant negative thoughts! The greatest difficulty met and the first comment made by those working with the law of attraction is that, for the greatest part of their day, they cannot avoid negative thoughts and that the negativity received from their environment is more than enough.

Therefore, according to the mechanistic approach to the law of attraction, total chaos should dominate the planet right now if it hadn’t already been destroyed.

Fortunately such a thing does not happen, as planet Earth and Humanity are under the supervision of higher causations and laws, preserving our planet as a spiritual school, a place for the training and evolution of souls (see key-text After 2012)

Even if we look at this on a more micro-cosmic level, each one of us has examples from people we know (people “next-door” as we call them) to whom something ostensibly good has happened (e.g. won a big amount of money at the lottery), although from a law of attraction point of view there is no logical reason for this; these particular people may not have exactly been what we call “positive” with regards to their thoughts and vibrations. They were more like everyday ordinary people whose majority of thoughts was probably directed towards negativity.

Conversely, we have witnessed many positive thinkers, truly optimistic people, being a source of inspiration and compassion for their fellow human beings, yet experiencing something especially bad or unfortunate, which again cannot be explained by the mechanistic logic of the law of attraction.

But although this seems like a unexplained paradox when seen from the simplified law of attraction viewpoint, it becomes absolutely comprehensible when we coestimate each person’s karmic past. It is also comprehensible when seen from the viewpoint of superior causation which perfectly organises the earthy spiritual school and provides its trainees with the experiences-challenges necessary for them to evolve. Yet again, the conclusion drawn is that the law of attraction is an evolutional tool and is not the “ultimate weapon” for conscious creation.

Furthermore, we must realize that, apart from the law of karma, there are also other, cosmic, energetic laws that overmaster the law of attraction. The most distinctive ones are the law of circularity and the law of minimal resistance.

The law of circularity governs the never-ending alternation of phenomena (day - night, cold - hot, low-tide – high-tide, tension- relaxation etc.) Thus, the energetic conditions for the manifestation of a goal alternate periodically from favourable to less favourable, to insignificant and to adverse. If someone ignores the rhythm of these alternations and tries to implement the law of attraction at a time when energy is at an opposite phase or at a recession, then they will have no results. Only an expert on the energetic cycles and signs can successfully apply the process of conscious creation.

The law of minimal resistance denotes that energy prefers to always flow through the channel where minimum resistance is found and not through the route one may want it to flow. This practically means that the manifestation of a goal takes place through routes and events that favour the flow of energy. Whoever ignores this may persist vainly in forcing the law of attraction to function through the channel that they regard as being ideal, without knowing that the particular channel is blocked or that it contains serious obstacles. The knowledge on recognizing available channels or creating new ones is essential; otherwise, implementing the law of attraction without the element of “energetic realism” is a dead-end road.


The lack of inner energetic compatibility

There is one more parameter left. If someone does not have a wholesome knowledge on the process of conscious creation, they may transform the law of attraction into a factor of tyranny as well as a source of unhappiness. More specifically, they may possibly attract a goal in their life, for which they aren’t internally prepared to manage in efficiency. For example, imagine someone using the law of attraction merely as a technique, in order to succeed in occupying a higher position in their work or in society, without being internally prepared to respond to the increased responsibilities of their new position. The occupation of the position will cause them great stress, sadness and internal pressure, essentially undermining their psycho-somatic health. The same thing happens when someone attracts a partner without having designated their personality’s characteristics beforehand, or even without being ready for a real commitment themselves.

This is the reason why in Morphogenesis system, even though its final manifestation protocol is all-powerful and manages to skilfully overcome all of the challenges mentioned above (opposite thought-forms, karmic obstacles, cosmic laws, unproductive esoteric programming, personality’s impotencies etc), great emphasis is still given on the importance of training. More specifically, emphasis is given on training the disciple so as to help them prepare and evolve themselves in order that they become compatible with the energetic level of their goal. Thus, manifesting their goal will add true meaning to their life and will create even better conditions for their evolution in the earthy school.

Life is full of examples from people that won a large amount of money in a lucky game, then loosing it in a short period of time, while they often ended up being in a worse financial state than they were before wining, on account of them creating in the mean time big financial liabilities. These people were not esoterically prepared to manage the vibration of the large amount of money given to them. It’s like suddenly being made to drive a formula-1 vehicle, when you are still in the process of learning how to drive a conventional car.

In general you can pretend or even fool others with regards to who you really are, but in the end, your true vibrational identity will be revealed, often with grievous consequences.


Discipleship’s superimposed challenge


 Due to this, the law of attraction must be taken only as a tool for one’s growth and progress in the earthy school. Even this case itself, of goal achievement, must be regarded as an initiation-test that will convey one’s progress; this is the terminus: the transcendence of the earthy world, in the sense not of course as a denial, but that you will have now obtained all the knowledge and training that this world could offer you and thus you no longer need it for your evolution.

The critical importance and power in the meaning of the earthy school overmasters by far the naive way that most of us perceive law of attraction. When you reach the point to seriously be tested and judged for your progress in this special school, then the law of attraction has no power of intervention. Take Job’s example from the Old Testament; he was a rich man that suddenly lost everything, was abandoned by everyone and suffered countless illnesses, but he remained happy, keeping his faith that everything will be fine, which finally happened. Essentially, this story is an allegory for the earthy school’s tests. Job proved that he could not be shook by any seemingly difficult challenge and passed the final tests that marked his graduation.

In general, when the time comes for someone to experience a grave spiritual initiating challenge, no law of attraction and no positive thought can ward off tribulation, simply because these are part of their training plan. In this case, it is your innermost core that matters – the wisdom, love and power inside you that you have managed to conquer…

The upmost value of Morphogenesis system

It is likely those who read this text and had built up a high expectation, investing on it, that by finding “the law of attraction” had at last possessed the ultimate secret weapon to get whatever they wish, to feel now some kind of discomfort. It is natural their first reaction to be getting in denial. Despite their temporarily feelings of discomfort, this should be regarded as a significant step they take towards their personal evolution, because the truth and true knowledge lead inevitably to reclaiming their authentic empowerment they sought in the first place. This authentic power is now offered to them.

All mentioned above make it clear that in order to apply the law of attraction effectively and get substantial help in our spiritual path, without being disappointed or harmed, we must combine it with a broader inner knowledge as well as with a higher perspective on things.

In the system of Morphogenesis, this necessity is excellently covered by combining three different elements at the same time. The first element is the scientific implementation of the system on a purely technical basis, for the purpose of quickly and effectively achieving any goal. The second element is the swiftest possible inner preparation and growth of the person seeking to manifest a goal.

The third element is the higher spiritual viewing of things, so that the trainee does not become entrapped in a shallow, dead-end goal hunting that will prove to be meaningless for their personal happiness or karmically detrimental to their evolution.

The final aim of Morphogenesis system is the trainee’s own transubstantiation, by becoming a conscious factor contributing to the wider process of humanity’s awakening and evolution; thus, offering their high ability of goal manifestation to the Service of the Powers of Good as well as to their personal fulfilment and true happiness. (see key-texts Service and Spiritual Action).

Now it is time for all serious users of the law of attraction to leave behind them the amateur and superficial level of involvement and embark on a high quality training and rapid personal development process which will guarantee both the obtaining of the condensed efficacious knowledge of the law and its skilful efficient application in the shortest amount of time. The choice is yours!


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